Initial Quote
An initial quote is put together based on plans that you bring to us or we can come to you and measure the existing area, these just need to be rough dimensions - and it’s just to get us started.

It is a free design and quote service.

We will provide a 3D image and an initial quote. An Initial quote is about getting a design that is going to work with your kitchen space and your needs. It is also about showing you what we do, what we offer, and giving you an idea of pricing. We design around your unique space, the first thing we need to do is fill this space with cabinetry to get your pricing - then we can start looking at different layouts, materials, drawer configurations, etc.

No dimensions are given out at this stage - we will provide you with a dimensioned plan later on in the process.

Once you have your design working for you, and have chosen to use Elite Kitchens for your kitchen project, the next step is to have a site measure done. This is if we are installing this kitchen - if you are installing the kitchen yourself, you need to provide us with accurate measurements.


Site Measure
Why do you need a site measure especially when your measurements were so accurate?

Everybody’s tape measure is different!! Everyone measures differently too! We manufacture your kitchen, to the mm, and we take responsibility for the measurements when we install.

The installer is measuring your walls, where your windows are and how big they are, height of the kitchen, where your plumbing is, any appliances you have on site, but also whether your walls are square, flush, floors and ceiling level?

If you are working to a tight time frame, we can measure before the gib is put on. If the renovation is complicated, we may need to come back to double check a few things once the walls are finished, which may incur an extra site visit charge.


OK! You have come this far – Not long before you are using your new kitchen.

Now is the fun part, once we have the site measure back from the installer, we will have you in for an appointment to finalize the design. You may need more than one of these appointments, and allow at least an hour.

We are talking colour, we are talking accessories, trying a few different pricing options. We are customizing and making notes of your individual requirements for this kitchen.

At this stage, things can get overwhelming! There are a lot of choices that need to be made, and are difficult to have changed later if they aren’t made right - don’t rush!! Talk to your designer, talk to your partner! We have had many couples get into battles over the smallest details at this stage - just breathe - you are in expert hands!

With all these choices to make, it is best once they have been made, to take them home and think them over before booking the kitchen.


Sign off purchase time
Once your design is finalized, we will make you an appointment to purchase, or sign off your kitchen.

During this appointment, your designer will take you through one more time, every cabinet, accessory, colour, etc. - and reiterate any special instructions for your unique kitchen. We also have a few papers to sign. For this appointment you will need to allow around half an hour for basic kitchens, up to an hour for more complicated ones or if you have not had an appointment to finalize.

We will give you an approximate installation date for your kitchen, which will be from 4 weeks from the day of finalizing depending on the materials you have chosen (and the time of year) We can fast track simple kitchens - talk to your designer about this.

We do need a deposit at this stage, to put your kitchen into production.

After this appointment, we have a thorough checking procedure. Firstly, your designer is going to fully dimension your plan, which then gets checked by the sales manager, and the factory manager. They are checking for things like measurements working, no obstructions with doors etc., but we also send this to you to check too!

The reason for this is to eliminate any human errors- if the designer scrolls down one wrong, and your bench top lands on flamingo pink - neither the sales or factory manager are going to know that you did not want a flamingo pink bench top, and that is exactly what will get ordered!

Nothing gets ordered until we have this back from you, so this process can add to the lead time of your kitchen.


Manufacturer and viewing
Once all paper work is signed and returned to us with the deposit we will order materials and hardware and start the process of manufacturing.

Once we have your kitchen up to an installation level, we will then ask you to come in to view it in our factory before it leaves ready for installation.

For Lacquer Kitchens we sometimes ask you to view before paint and after paint just in case you want to change something minor. Yes minor changers can be made as long as it doesn’t require more material. If more material is required extra charges may apply.


Our installations cover fitting the kitchen cabinetry and bench tops, it does not cover any building work i.e. taking the old kitchen out, electrical or plumbing work. We do have referrals for people or companies who can take care of this for you.

You need to allow a couple of days for the install of your kitchen, depending on the size and difficulty, and it is sometimes difficult to pre-empt obstacles that may occur, so only pencil in your trade’s men.

It is always a good idea to meet the installer and discuss your kitchen with him when he turns up if possible. As you may have flexibility on where your island is to be placed - now is the time to discuss it.

Once your installation is complete, we have a sign off sheet for you to complete. This is to say that your installation is finished, and you are happy with your kitchen. You will have a settling period of about 5 working days with your kitchen, so if you find a door drops down etc., just call us and we will fix it.

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